Private catering

Rosa Regina

HOW – everybody sitting at tables or everybody standing at the buffet

We plan a catering service using your kitchen or the kitchen of a location that you select for an event, an opening ceremony, a company cocktail, a party. We define the menu, with different proposals of finger food, appetizers and drinks. On request we can offer biological and vegan wines. We are in charge of table and location set-up and service.

WHERE – from a museum to a garden

You decide the location, we only need an equipped kitchen. We can even set up the buffet in an open place. You can decide for a buffet or a seated service.

WHEN - always

Whenever you want, always booking 2 weeks in advance for planning the best proposal, sweet and salty (for services with more than 20 persons we ask you to reserve 3 weeks in advance). The service is suitable for a break during a convention, an anniversary, a vernissage, an opening ceremony. For each event a light, innovative, surprising proposal.