Personal Chef

Rosa Regina

HOW – service

The service is suitable for a romantic dinner, a dinner with colleagues, a brunch with friends, a cocktail party celebrating a birthday or every other event in which you want to surprise your guests with healthy, unconventional and tasty food. We arrive at your house a few hours before the event with all the ingredients needed for preparing an exclusive menu for you and your guests. We define together the theme of the menu, the main ingredients, selecting among your favorite recipes and our new proposals for making your event unforgettable. On request, we are able to provide menus for food intolerances (for example gluten free menu). For special occasions, we can provide a food tasting prior to the event. During the service we will cook, serve if required with professional waiters, and clean up your kitchen (we leave it as we found it using natural and green products).

WHAT - ingredients

Everything starts with the shopping that for us is still a real ceremony: we always control quality, origin and freshness of products that will arrive on your table. We use trusted suppliers and we use fresh, seasonal, biological and local goods. The use of biological and biodynamic ingredients is due to taste reasons but also for environment protection. We mainly use fruits and vegetables available at that time of the year, following the season’s rhythm. Our vegan recipes are prepared without any animal derived ingredient. For some vegetarian preparations, we use eggs from bio and organic (not intensive and open) farms. Dairy are also from organic origin. On request, we can offer you wine and other drinks. We can offer you a wide selection of biological and vegan wines (=produced without using animal origin components).

WHERE – at your home

At your home, using your kitchen or in any equipped location that you propose. When we decide the menu, we will verify together the necessary cooking tools available and bring with us the missing tools that we need.

WHEN - always

In every moment, booking at least 2 weeks ahead. Our service is suitable for business lunch, Sunday brunch; family lunch, party for kids’ birthday, afternoon tea with friends, cocktail hour, or dinner with friends. Two weeks are necessary for planning the details of your event meeting all your needs.

WHY – for different occasions

For a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary. For getting your family familiar with vegan cuisine. For surprising your friends with an unconventional offer. For a party in your house that you can enjoy as a guest or simply for an event in which you want enjoy an innovative menu. The benefits of a personal chef are having an exclusive menu based on your tastes, needs and eventual food intolerances; enjoying the coziness of your oun home without having to worry of the preparations; a service more convenient than a restaurant.