We are two sisters, Valeria and Simona, joined by the passion for natural cooking. We have been fond of healthy food for a long time as basis for our own daily diet. Cooking for us is a way of loving and taking care of other people, especially without using animal derived ingredients. The passion for cooking is a family tradition: in the seventies, our grandfather Carlo started a private catering activity. After several years of success, he had to give up this business for health reasons, which brought our mother to take interest in alternative medicine and natural diet. Ten years later, in 1990, she opened an herbalist’s shop (Il giardino della vita, Asti) and she became interested in macrobiotics. Simona has worked with our mom since the beginning and together they organized many classes of healthy and macrobiotic cooking. After the herbal medicine degree, Simona specialized in holistic, ayurvedic and phytotherapic medicine. She recently contributed to “innocent” cooking classes. Valeria moved in different directions. After an architecture degree, she worked for 3 years in the field of renewable energies (a different expression of her environmental protection) and then she arrived to fashion where she is still working for her passion for beauty. She has always been passionate for cooking, attending many classes and since 2014 she turned vegan. The choice of a diet free/poor in animal derived ingredients is due to health reasons, for animal protection and for environment respect.

The idea of this business arrived by chance and together we took on this new challenge: We believe in our job as a benefit for everybody, not only for those enjoying our dishes but for the respect of all life forms. Our goal is to spread the idea that wellness starts at table. Moreover, we want to go beyond prejudice that vegan food is incomplete, sad and flavorless by offering dishes that are healthy, tasty and various with appetizing recipes.

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